About Us

The Black Cat Shoppe, Inc. is owned by Kim and John Hirchak. The idea of the shoppe first came up on a skiing trip in 1996 while discussing a separate business, the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington in Wilmington, North Carolina. After extensive research, writing and rehearsals the Ghost Walk began offering tours in 1999. Following the likes of Disney, the Hirchak's realized the importance of "merchandising." But first came The Haunted Pub Crawl (a drinking version of the Ghost Walk) followed by the Hollywood Location Walk (Wilmington having the largest film studio on the east coast). The original plan was to have an existing shop sell our merchandise and other important items like bug-spray, aspirin, water and other such things guests need when taking a walking tour in the south. This idea failed because NONE (not one) of the existing businesses were willing to take advantage of an offer to send rich tourists their way because NONE (not one) of the shopkeepers wanted to pay someone to keep their store open late (our tours go out at night, you see)?!?! Kids, remember to NEVER be this lazy!

Finally, after publishing their book, "Ghosts of Old Wilmington," and selling tour merchandise out of the back of their cars a space was offered to open The Black Cat Shoppe ("Yahoo," "Yippie," "Yay"). Since then the BCS has moved into their new headquarters at 8 Market Street, a whopping 50 feet from where the tours begin and in a location where over a dozen stores who could have had this business for free have since FAILED. In addition the store is the actual location for the CD store in both One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek.

The BCS is unlike any other store in the world not just because of the merchandise and the wonderful people who work there, but because many of the items (shirts, photos, postcards) are made exclusively by and for the BCS. In addition the BCS is the only known store to feature a live Wizard on Saturday afternoons and to have a fortune-telling tent in the back of the store. Plus we have a deserted island for all out pirate booty (out of a real life pirate chest), an optical illusion floor in our magic/pranks department and a few other mystical and magical items designed to elicit glee.  

To find out more about the Ghost Walk, Pub Crawl or Hollywood tours please visit www.hauntedwilmington.com. To find out more about the BCS please come and visit us in person!